Banking and Finance -- National, Regional and Local, ACH, Broker/Trader,

Credit Unions, Debt Processing, International, FDIC/SOX Compliance

Health Care -- HMO, Regional and Small Provider Networks, HIPAA, Dictation/Transcription, Medical Records, Coding and Billing

Technology -- Enterprise and Mid-market, Hosting, Telecom, Cloud Services, Remote Office, Intellectual Property, Aerospace, Imaging and Remediation

Manufacturing -- Engineered Parts, Food/Beverage, Credit Cards, Medical Devices, Custom Tools, Computer Systems, Process Control and Lab Equipment

Retail -- POS, PCI Compliance, Online/Webstore, Multi-Location, and Franchise

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Chris Krueger, Managing Partner

Areas of N8Expertise

Chris brings thirty years of IT leadership and consultative experience to your project.  He is innovative, imaginative, passionate and dedicated in his pursuit of excellence.

He is bi-lingual - meaning he speaks both geek and boardroom English.

He has been involved in the gamut of IT solutions delivery, ranging from contributing engineer through solutions architecture and design.  He has been a key contributor to literally thousands of engineering projects during his career.