For smaller efforts typically taking less than a week, we offer hourly-rate based engineering services.

A skilled professional, with current knowledge on a particular solution, typically can accomplish small-job outcomes much more cost effectively than in-house "general purpose" IT staff.

One simple question can help determine if our hourly service might be of value to your organization:

"Will the task be required on a regular and frequent basis, or is it not often performed?"

If you need a "Talent" to engineer or lead your IT project from within your organization, N8 Expert offers embedded worker solutions for these requirements:

  • Engineer 
    Contributing, Master or Lead
  • IT Solutions/Systems Architect
  • Project / Program Management
  • IT Leadership (Executive through CTO)
  • Senior Analyst

We provide these independent contractor services on a term basis -- For weekly, monthly and extended contract periods and at negotiated rates for the required skills.

N8Expert also delivers complete projects on Bid or a Time and Materials basis.

Most projects are initially scoped with a flat-rate needs assessment, where we do in-depth collection of the details required to design and then propose our solution.

Every project offering is a complete and custom solution, specifically designed to achieve a particular business outcome.

We have extensive previous experience in developing outcome-producing IT projects.

Let's talk!

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